Valley of Time

Some high praise (so to speak) from notable writers.

A.J. Tata

Jeremy Holden has done it again with Valley of Time! His gifted writing style and humorous protagonist, Mal Thomas, take us on a time-bending journey in an epic story of adventure and love.

A.J. Tata, national best-selling author of Besieged

Scott Burkhead

I gave myself a week to read Valley of Time but by the third page I was hooked and finished in one gripping, soaring evening. Holden has handed two of the biggest mysteries of our time to a rich cast of characters and given us a fun, thoughtful and exciting read.

Scott Burkhead, author of The Dolphin Revelation.

Dr. Bob Deutsch

Can Mal Thomas and his ‘Crazy Ones’ free themselves from a Howard Hughes-type character who wants them to promote his space tourism business? One tiny glitch being a previously unreported encounter with a UFO! Valley of Time really is ‘an experience.’ Take the ride!

Dr. Bob Deutsch, author of The 5 Essentials

Linda Kaplan Thaler

Holden’s fresh voice and crisp characterization will ultimately cause you to shake your head at the absurdity of a digital age where we now operate the devices that enable us to be watched and brainwashed.

Linda Kaplan Thaler, New York Times best-selling co-author of Grit to Great