Valley of Time

Mal Thomas escaped with his life only through a mixture of good fortune and divine intervention after he and his eclectic team of cynical mad men and women were charged with promoting the alleged second coming of the Messiah by Alfredo Baptiste, the world’s most powerful industrialist.

Having subsequently become famous as a best-selling author—as well as an unlikely spiritual leader—after writing and promoting a book about those experiences, Mal is now approached by another enigmatic billionaire with an equally incredible proposition.

Huw Hudson, the man often described as a modern-day Howard Hughes, wants to position his company, Space Rider, as the leader in commercial space tourism. He tries to enlist Mal and his team to help promote it, with one extraordinary twist. Hudson has evidence of an alleged UFO encounter, which he thinks could damage his business plans, and he asks Mal to investigate and manage the breaking news story.

Mal discovers a deeper purpose at work as he crisscrosses Sao Carlos, Miami, London, and Dubai in furtherance of Hudson’s audacious ambition while being forced to keep an unbelievable secret from the FBI and even his closest friends. In confronting his deepest fears, Mal takes us on a journey that challenges the very core of our beliefs about space and time.

In a fast-moving and often sardonic narrative, author Jeremy Holden will have you fascinated by the extraordinary nature of the challenges that confront Mal and his team as they launch a massive global campaign to promote one of the most seismic events in human history.

Valley of Time provides a window into the modern world of digital and social media-driven mass persuasion while posing this crucial question: What if you could go back to the pivotal moment in time that shaped your life? Would you try to alter your fate?

Valley of Time is the second book in Holden’s Mal Thomas novel series.